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Teen Father Mentoring

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GBAPP is proud to be the home of Connecticut’s only accredited Teen Fathers Mentoring Program for the past 13 years. The Program is designed to help young men become confident, nurturing parents and realize the full potential of a relationship with their children. The Program seeks to destigmatize the negativity of fatherhood and break the cycle of absentee fatherhood by providing education, counseling, advise, and support.


The services of The Program has been proven to be significantly effective. Outcome Data from 2007-2019 shows 81% of clients graduated from High school, 87% found employment, and .03% experienced repeated pregnancy. Research shows that most young men who do not have these types of resources available to them experience the contrary. Therefore, not only are the services of the program important to minority teens living in underserved communities, but also the services provided to them has shown to be highly beneficial.


This program is supported by the State of CT Department of Social Services. For more information please contact Greg Bendolph @

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