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Housing and Supportive Services


Opened in July of 2000, Housing and Supportive Services provides at-risk homeless youth a safe environment for their development. Beginning with the federally recognized model, “MI CASA/My Home” to date, Housing and Supportive Services has grown to include two Transitional Living Programs: “Housing for Success” and “Housing Plus.”

Our programs provide youth between 16-20 years old with a variety of Life Skills training that assists in their transition from structured care to self-sufficiency. Programming focuses on aptitude/interest assessment, youth engagement, remedial preparation, exposure to various career options, and linkage to career training programs and employment. 


Additionally, Community Housing Assistance is offered to youth prepared for less supervision and higher independence. This model is semi-supervised, subsidized housing with a continuum of care. Including 24-hour supportive case management ranging from 9-18 months. These programs are supported by the State of CT Department of Children and Families and the Department of Health and Human Services.


Connecting young clients to housing services through certified assessments. Having our own youth navigator allows clients to receive timely care and services.


We educate clients on organizational, planning, and living skills so that when they are ready for a self-sustaining lifestyle, we are there to cheer them on. 

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