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To serve the greater Bridgeport community through education, intervention and collaboration


In 1982 through the efforts of the United Way of Eastern Fairfield County and the Educational Foundation of America, the Council On Adolescent Pregnancy and the Catholic Coalition On Problem Pregnancy were brought together under the umbrella of the GBAPP, Inc (Greater Bridgeport Area Prevention Program). 


In 1992, GBAPP amended its bylaws and filed such changes to the Certificate of Incorporation with the Office of the Secretary of State. GBAPP became a single collaborative agency to service the six town greater Bridgeport region for adolescent sexuality-related issues, which includes prevention of adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS. Members of the Board of Directors represent the greater Bridgeport community. Several changes occurred as a result of the reorganization; our mission is more comprehensive, direct services are offered, and the two-track system is resolved. 


Governance and policy is vested in the Board of Directors, which is made up of a majority of community members. The Board of Directors is appropriately prepared and involved in all aspects of GBAPP, in particular strategic planning, corporate compliance, fiduciary and policy matters, and GBAPP operations. Daily operations are managed by the Executive Director in conjunction with the Coordinator of HIV Services and Coordinator of Supportive Housing. The Management Team oversees the activities of the staff at the 3 sites. Staff activities are closely tied to the goals and objectives delineated in the various grant-funded programs of the organization and overall relate directly to GBAPP’s mission. 

Organizational Locations

GBAPP’s administrative office is located at 1470 Barnum Avenue, Bridgeport, CT, and it operates programs at 2 locations in close proximity: 148 Mill Hill Avenue and 25 Ford Place (both within short walking distance to the administrative office). Both locations have easy access to the city’s transportation system and are conveniently located within walking distance of one of our major partner health care provider, Optimus Health Care, inc. 

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